Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Sorry seems to be the hardest word?

I am not talking about a song, I am not taking about suggestions to save your love-live or private relations.
No, I am talking about Business and especially about he Feeling of your Team and the Feeling of yourself.

Yesterday we had one of These days - lots of work - work to finalize one Project Phase - work to create the base for the next Project Phase - time critical work - and non time critical work....

All of this in a virtual Environment - working together on around 6-7 different locations spread up all over Europe -  and based on updates by conference calls and Desktop sharing which did not reach all recipients. And of course half the Team has access to all information and documentation, the other part has limited access to documentation. And on top we are starting the usage of a Business collaboration tool with Network depending Performance (and ours is not the best) and with new changing structures and starting rules.
Based on this Paradise I was fighting on getting all Team members in one direction.
And at last got in the evening the Information, that some of them got confused.
Hmmm.... What should I do - thinking I did may best and they must be strong men and live with this Situation.
No, I decided to write en email to the core Team.
And I wrote, what I heard - that I caused confusion, AND I worte SORRY for that.
After the first SORRY, I tried to summarize the background of the confusion by posting the summary of currently validated definitions and priorities ... facts.
And after the facts a final SORRY again.
I don't know how the Team reacts on that. But in fact for me in person, I had a good evening after saying that SORRY.
And I think this can be a requirement and helpful for Managers - not to address priorities and directions to their Team - not only tell them when the did things wrong.
But also tell them, when they provided good work and to say SORRY if he did something which seems to lead in a wrong direction, maybe not immediately but for sure in the future Project work.

Sorry is not the hardest word, it makes you feel better sometimes.