Sorry seems to be the hardest word?

I am not talking about a song, I am not taking about suggestions to save your love-live or private relations.
No, I am talking about Business and especially about he Feeling of your Team and the Feeling of yourself.

Yesterday we had one of These days - lots of work - work to finalize one Project Phase - work to create the base for the next Project Phase - time critical work - and non time critical work....

Very usefull Tool for SCRUM Board visualisation and sharing for business colaboration.
This tool privides a verry good visualisation of Tasks to be done by Project team members.
Since it is web based you can share the information in teams of several companies located wherever internet connections are available.
You can easily create cards for the tasks, add responsible users to the task and add the estimated effort in hours to the card.
And you can create your own process flow.